Win a String Box

String Box

You can call it a string case, a string rack, a string bag or just a String Box.

We are proud to present you a unique product made by a guitarist for guitarists.

A must for every advanced player.


Easy accessible & findable strings.
Neatly grouped & ordered by string gauge, from (e) to (E).
Capacity up to 10 packs of strings.
Finding and changing strings can take action without taking off the guitar, with a single hand.
Beautiful, high quality, leather design, hand crafted.
Strong & robust, will last forever.
Very practical for home use, rehearsals, gigging, ... even traveling.
Last more important thing - you know where your strings are.


How it is made:


hand crafting
leather splitting
CNC laser cutting
stitching, gluing
cleaning and polishing


    100% genuine leather
    black stiff quality cardboard
    enameled brass rivets


      knives, molds
      leather splitting machine
      CNC machine
      sewing machine
      riveting tool
      auxiliary small tools

        Best usage:

        Strings are best to be kept in individual paper envelopes and sorted by compartments for each gauge.
        Position String Box near where you play for fast reach.


        String Box should be kept in dry, not too exposed to external influences.
        No other special care required.

        What do you get:

        Packaging is shipped with well-protective inner protection out of recycled paper.
        In addition, The String Box is wrapped in a gentle cotton sack.